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How to Throw a Standout Superhero Party

Do you want that Pinterest worthy party but struggle with how to achieve that goal? In this interview with Lindsay, the owner and maker of children's clothing shop Silas + The Sloth, will tell you how she put together the cutest superhero themed party for her son Silas’ 3rd birthday.

Kristin: When I think of how to describe your superhero themed party, I keep thinking of ‘simply beautiful’. It’s styled so simply but it has a wow element to it. Did you have a go to for party design inspiration?

Lindsay: My inspiration started from the pieces I purchased from A Little Confetti. I just couldn't resist the adorable superhero party supplies and from there got a few other ideas from Pinterest because what's life without Pinterest?

Kristin: Who picked the theme? You or your little one?

Lindsay: I did! I figure this is the last year where I can totally take over all the party planning without little opinions being involved, so I totally picked the theme and he absolutely loved it. His new big boy room is also superheroes so he was digging the theme.

Kristin: What did you use to decorate?

Lindsay: I used the dessert plates, cups, napkins and confetti from your adorable shop, grabbed a ton of balloons from the dollar store, rented a bouncy castle, ordered pizza and called it a day!

Kristin: The cookies look so good! Where did you get them?

Lindsay: I got them made locally from Pretty Sweet here in YYC. Vicki actually did Silas' first birthday cake (donut grow up) along with with first birthday cake smash, baby group unicorn cupcakes and then popcorn cookies for his second birthday. Using pretty sweet for these superhero cookies was a no brainer. Vicki is extremely talented. I sent her the theme, colors and what I had in mind and she blew it out of the water as usual.

Kristin: Where did you get the cupcake toppers and the paper for the popcorn cones?

Lindsay: The cupcake toppers were from Etsy. The shop is called Party En Folie and they are from Portugal. It just seemed too easy to literally plop the cupcake in the holder and then add the head which is on a toothpick. The popcorn holders are just comics I received from Comic Traders in the Bonavista Promenade. I ripped out the pages and made them into cones to hold the popcorn because who doesn't love to snack on popcorn? I just snagged a couple from the clearance bin and then grabbed a few extra copies for the older kids attending the party as a favor.

Comic Popcorn

Kristin: Where did you get the cupcakes?

Lindsay: Glamorgan Bakery! Simple, affordable and super tasty. I went Saturday morning to pick them up and the bakery is so busy! Couldn't believe the crowd.

Kristin: What activities do you do at the party with the kids?

Lindsay: They just bounced their little hearts out in the bouncy castle and ball pit. They didn't even want to stop to eat so it was a win!

Kristin: Did you do grab bags/party favors?

Lindsay: We did superhero pez dispensers (Wonder Woman for the girls) from Bulk Barn and then Batman jellybeans from Amazon. Fill them with sugar and send them home!

Kristin: How much time/effort would you say was put into planning the party?

Lindsay: I find with Etsy and shopping local it makes life so much easier. We picked a theme, I got some inspiration from Pinterest and then got to it. I would say planning it only took a few hours.

Kristin: How much time did you spend preparing for the party?

Lindsay: The night before we picked up the bouncy castle because I knew come morning life was going to get a whole lot busier. I spent the morning going to grab my baked goodies and then from 1-4pm laying everything out, photographing, making popcorn holders and last minute tidy up. It was definitely one of my easier parties!

I want to give a big THANKS to Lindsay for taking the time to answer all my questions and for the beautiful photos accompanying the blog.  Lindsay has demonstrated that it doesn't take hours or even days of planning, prepping and decorating to throw a beautiful party. With a little planning and outsourcing you can put together a party that packs a punch and will make your little superhero smile. 

Keep partying!


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