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Celebrate Fall with a Crafty Afternoon!

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Hi Everyone! We've got a guest blogger today to share with you something exciting that we think you (and your kids) will love! Let me introduce, Artist, Creator, Pre-School Teacher, Elise from Hip Hooray Studios! 


Here we are again, that stunning time of year where the air becomes crisp, the trees begin changing into an array of splendid yellows and you start preparing to spend a little more time bundled up inside. 

With the colder months on their way, I find that parents and caregivers are looking for fun and creative things they can get up to with their kiddos to keep them not only "entertained" but also engaged, creative and having fun.

That’s where Hip Hooray Studios comes in. Life can often feel like you're flying a million miles an hour and having any kind of delightful and intentional creative time with the kiddos seems like a distant hope, but I'd like to share with you one of the create kits I designed that has a special kind of "fall magic" to it that will encourage you to make a cuppa (cup of tea), sit and engage in an afternoon craft project with your mini maker's.

Come spend an afternoon creating a Woodland Puppet Box where an array of charming characters come to life. 

Not only will the kids get to become an art director of this woodland with the illustrated templates included inside, but they also have an opportunity to be the illustrator and create from the beginning their very own woodland scene as I’ve also included a larger blank piece of card stock for the backdrop and a smaller piece to create their very own favourite woodland animals and critters. 

I think the part that excites me the most though is that after all the colouring, painting and illustrating has been done and everything has been assembled and stuck into place there is opportunity for endless hours of imaginative play waiting to be had.

This kit was designed with the intention to bring the storytellers in your child to life and for them to shine. I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen and heard some of the stories spilling out of these kits and it's been so delightful to witness.

Please note that some adult assistance with cutting will be needed for this kit to be assembled. (Adult support is always recommended with our kits)

My greatest desire is that Hip Hooray Studios always inspires and encourages people to value art and creativity and for them to see how deeply it enriches not only a child’s life, but all lives.

To have a peek at what other create kits we offer at Hip Hooray Studios and to see everything else wonderful we do (like custom create birthday parties and paper goods) visit

Wishing you a lovely fall season. Love Elise 

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