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An Harry Potter Birthday that will leave you Spellbound

Readers be warned - this is no ordinary birthday party blog, what you are about to read will be a guide to creating the most magical experience for your wizards (umm, I mean party guest), leaving them feeling like they just travelled from platform 9 ¾ to Hogwarts for the day. Ready to board the Hogwarts Express? Let's go!
Our party friends, the Dunford girls, are always up for creating some birthday magic and this party was no exception. From the Great Hall to Hogsmede, inspiration was pulled from various books in the Harry Potter series to bring this party to life.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Birthday Party Wall
You're probably wondering (or maybe you aren't but we are about to tell you), how does one go about turning their dining room into the Great Hall? Candles, lots of floating candles! You can achieve this deceiving look using faux candles and fishing line. 
Harry Potter Party, Hogwarts Great Hall with Floating Candles
Harry Potter Birthday Party Great Hall Table Setting
White candles in gold candlesticks along with white pumpkins create the centerpiece for the table. It was a bonus that Laura has a solid dark wood table that mimics the style you would see in the Great Hall.
The table was set using items from A Little Confetti's Wizards & Witches collection. Bubbling Cauldron Plates paired with Potion Napkins give this table a magical feeling. Honeydukes chocolate frogs were added as a dinner favor. Do you spot the snitch? A Ferrero Rocher hot glued to paper wings will do the trick!
Spellboud table wear, including cauldron plates and potion napkins from from A Little Confetti
Would a stay at Hogwarts really be complete without a trip to Hogsmeade to fill up on all the succulent-looking sweets at Honeydukes? 
Honeydukes Candy Station for Harry Potter Birthday Party
This jampacked candy cart, was filled with so many goodies from The Sugar Cube. Butterbear, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Harry Potter Magical Gummies and even Butterbeer flavored cotton candy to name just a few, gave party goers the enchanting experience of visiting Honeydukes.
Honeydukes Candy Cart at Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party
For the full scoop on the candy cart, and the treats included, head over to The Sugar Cube Blog.
Are you even a wizard if you don't have a wand? Each party guest had the opportunity to choose their wand (or the wand chose them!) from Ollivanders Wand Shop. The wands were easy to make, they are simply chopsticks with hot glue wrapped around one end for an handle and then painted. We love the addition of the old books and the numbered wand boxes to the shelf.
Ollivanders Wand Shop Harry Potter Birthday
Harry Potter Party Wands
If you are thinking this is all so amazing, stay with me, there's more! A snack table was set up where party guest can help themselves to some of Mrs. Sprouts' veggies. On this table was also a very on theme cake by 8 Cakes, and sugar cookies by Sugar Bakers Cookie Co!
Professor Sprout's Veggies Harry Potter Party, Hedwig in cage
Harry Potter Cake - 8 Cakes
Sugar Bakers Cookie Co Harry Potter Birthday Cookies
Harry Potter Snack Table
The snack table's decor is pulled from a variety of inspiration from the Harry Potter series. Letters hanging to mimic the scene where they were swirling around the Dursley's house (click here for the free printable). Sorting hat from the first day of school. Old books to give the appearance of text or spell books from Hogwarts. Bottles from potions class. Packages wrapped in brown paper similar to those dropped with the owl mail at lunch. Old suitcase to represent the trunk Harry used to bring his few belongings to Hogwarts in. And my favorite, Hedwig in his cage. 
A few details that I can't forget to mention: As guest entered the party, keys hung in the entryway, similar to the winged keys that guard the Philosopher’s Stone. I think this is my favorite part of the party, it was quite beautiful.  One wall was covered with 'Wanted Posters' from the Prisoner of Azkaban. An 'Have you seen this Wizard' sign, that can also be used as a photo booth prop, surrounded the birthday girls photo. 
Winged Keys Harry Potter
Wizard Harry Potter
There's more to a party than decorations though, and one of the highlights of this party was the magician. A wizard party requires real magic, right?  Richard Young, local magician, kept the kids highly entertained and even made a dove appear. The little guest were enthralled. 
Full list of party vendors:
Party styling & design by Laura Dunford,
Balloons, cutlery, paper plates & napkins from A Little Confetti,
Cake by 8 Cakes,
Cookies by Sugar Bakers Cookie Co.,
Candy & other sweet treats from Sugar Cube,

Richard Young Magician,

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Harry Potter Party A Little Confetti

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