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Let's Go Hiking Party

In a blink of an eye my son Jasper is 9. Our adventure seeking boy really loves hiking and exploring, so it seemed fitting for him to have a hiking themed party and I'm so excited to share all the details with you.

First off, I like to keep my parties simple and easy to style. Although I own A Little Confetti, I don't consider myself a party stylist and I promise that this party is one you can easily make look great in a small amount of time. 

Beside a typical birthday table set up, we also set up a snack/treat table and in the living room where the kids would play games we set up two tents from our sister company A Little Campout

We placed the treat table against a wall in our living room that already contains an 'on theme' mountain shelf. We added a rustic handmade tree (by my father) for a little outdoorsy decor. I found a tutorial on how to make a similar tree, just click here.

Hiking Party Treat Table
I kept it simple for treats. We tried to think of food that we would take on a hike and thought about doing a "make your own trail mix" table, but then we just decided to lay out a few treats that we thought that kids would like. We filled foil take out containers with nachos, pretzels, and a couple kinds of chocolate treats. Some play binoculars and greenery from our Christmas faux foliage added a little bit of outdoorsy decor to our treat table which was lined with our botanical green striped table runner
Hiking Party Treat Table
The birthday table was set using items from our 'Adventure Collection'. To keep the party focused on hiking, rather than outdoors in general, I decided to not use any of the products with woodland animals. I paired compass plates with tree napkins, mountain plates with thermos napkins, I used the adventure cozy cups with the lids and sleeves removed and lined the table with a botanical gingham table runner
Hiking Party Table Setting
Mountain Plates
Since Jasper was little we've always baked together, and now that he's gotten older he likes to help with his cake. This year after I completed the mountains on the cake, he added all the trees. I'm very happy with the finished product.
Mountain Cake
We also made and decorated the sugar cookie trees with the help of our friend Laura. The delicious sugar cookie and icing recipe we used can be found on her Instagram under the saved stories title "Recipe". 
We just happened to have tents with A Little Campout that match the colour scheme perfectly so we decided to set a couple up, just to add a bit to the decor. We also used our felt campfire from The Wild Sparkery. I initially wanted to stay away from camping things, but hey, maybe the party was a backcountry hiking party! 
A Little Campout Sleepover Tents
For party activities, the kids played Charades and Pictionary, all themed around hiking. I found templates for these games on Etsy by Lil Family Adventure and added a few extra ideas that I thought suited our theme to the mix. The kids had a blast. 
They also did acrylic outdoor paintings - this idea I'm not so sure I'd recommend. I really had my hands full during that time (you're much better off getting party craft kits from Hip Hooray Studios). After that chaos, I've now learned to leave that stuff to the professionals!*
Hiking Treat Bags
When the party was ending each kid recieved a backpack treat bag that contained a flashlight and whistle on a lanyard, as well as some hiking treats to take on their next adventure.
I hope you enjoyed reading about this party as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you! If you have any questions please send them along to or leave us a comment below.
*There are no photos of the acutal party and games in order to respect the attendee's privacy

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