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3 Easy Decor Tips For Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Decor

Fall is upon us and it's almost time for Thanksgiving. Here at A Little Confetti, we believe the table decorations are as important as the feast and have three tips to help you create a Thanksgiving table that is beautiful and fun.
1. Add Style and Flair by using Paper Partyware (and as a bonus lighten the workload!)
It's easy to think about Thanksgiving and get overwhelmed with all you have to do. Decorate, prep food, cook, entertain and clean. You can eliminate part of the cleaning by using disposable partywares. My mother is one of eleven (11) children, so you can imagine the size of our family gatherings when you add in spouses, children and even grandchildren. The dishes are never ending! As of lately our family has turned to paper partyware and disposable cutlery for large gatherings, eliminating a good portion of the dishes to wash at the end of a meal.
Just to be clear, we aren't talking about your regular grocery store paper plates, we are talking stylish and modern partyware that will wow your guest. For our thanksgiving table we used small rose quartz plates and large gold plates available at A Little Confetti. We love how the pink and gold adds elegance while also complementing traditional fall colours of yellow, orange and brown. We completed the table setting by adding napkins and cups that have a touch of gold foil.
2. Use Faux Autumn Foliage
Every Thanksgiving table needs some fall decor to represent the season. You don't need to spend a lot of time or money to create a fall feel to your table. Simply visit your local craft store and purchase 6-8 pieces of faux autumn foliage. These could be a mix of leaves, pumpkins or berries of the season. Along with some candles, arrange these across the center of your table, hiding the stems under the previous piece of foliage.
Here's a crafty tip! For a step away from the traditional fall colours, grab some pumpkins and gourds from your grocery and spray paint them white, gold or pink to match your table setting.
3. Incorporate Some Fun Dessert Toppers
Whether it's pie, cupcakes or crumbles that lines your dessert table, you can add a little fun and also elegance with dessert toppers.
We added our "Celebrate" to our pumpkin cake. Perfect for any occasion this cake topper in gold glitter matched our decor perfectly.
For our fall cupcakes we used adorable turkey cupcake toppers that are sure to be a hit with the kids. These fun toppers are on a little stick and once the desserts are dug into the kids can have some fun playing with the toppers.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving ❤
Party Styling by: Little Chic Parties
Photography by: Jendi Valencia Photography
Paper Partywares supplied by: A Little Confetti
Cupcakes by: Crave

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