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10 Trending Party Themes

Party Themes Trending party themes

Since this is my first official blog post on A Little Confetti I thought I would tell you a bit about myself and how I became the owner of an online party boutique. My name is Kristin, I was born and raised in Newfoundland and left the island I call home to move to Calgary in January of 2005, during the boom. Calgary is now the city I call my home, with my love split between the towering mountains of Alberta and the beaches of Newfoundland. The island I came from made me who I am and that’s where it all started.

I have long been fond of parties (I mean really…who isn’t?). As a child my cousin and I would use any excuse to throw a party. It was often for my grandparents’ birthdays or anniversaries since they would entertain our ideas (we all know grandparents will let grandchildren do just about anything). 

For these childhood parties we’d make paper chain garland, handmade birthday cards, and most importantly the cake. My cousin and I started baking from a young age. We were surrounded by women who were fantastic bakers and we learned a lot from them. Our first big gig was our grandparents’ 60th anniversary cake when we were still teenagers.  

I carried this love for cakes into adulthood and found myself stocking up on baking and decorating supplies  more often than necessary (I will admit I have a sprinkle addiction!). I love any excuse to try to make the perfect cake that not only taste delicious but looks party worthy. After I had my son, I started to get more and more into baking and decorating. I was working in the oil and gas industry in Calgary and was directly affected by the downturn in the economy. This was the little push I needed to move away from the regular 8-5 and into entrepreneurship. 

I started making and selling cakes to friends to see if a cake shop would be a good direction to go in. I’d always been jealous when a new cake/cupcake shop opened in Calgary and would see it as an opportunity I missed. However, this little test of selling to friends was a good trail. I quickly realized that even though I loved making cakes for my family and close friends, I didn’t enjoy selling cakes. It made me stressed wondering if my final product would live up to the client’s expectations. I did receive lots of compliments and didn't get any negative feedback, but deep down I knew a cake shop would not be my thing. What was happening though, was that my love for cakes was bringing me closer and closer to striving to curate the perfect party. 

It was my search for space-themed partyware that really tipped me over the edge away from the cake business and into the party supply business. My son had developed a huge obsession for space at the age of two. For his 3rd birthday I searched and searched for partyware to match this theme, but I couldn't find any in Calgary or online in Canada. I remember spending hours and hours looking at Instagram and swooning over Australia's party scene. 90% of the cakers (I love that term) I follow are from there, and that lead to my discovery of top party stores Poppies for Grace and Ruby Rabbit Party. These ladies know how to throw a party! There was beautifully themed party supplies out there, they just weren't available here in Calgary. That’s where the idea of A Little Confetti started.  After countless discussions with friends, gathering their valued opinions on what they liked and disliked, I decided to go for it and make this new-found dream of opening a party boutique a reality. It took a year and a lot of hard work to make this idea come to life, however, to work at something I truly love makes it's all worthwhile. 

A Little Confetti Party Boutique is a selection of my favourite partywares from the top party designers around the world. I mean that literally. The products in my shop have been sourced from the USA, United Kingdom and even as far as Australia! 

A Little Confetti has a large number of products designed for children’s birthdays, however we also have a wonderful selection for baby showers, adult birthdays, anniversaries, even a backyard barbeque. We strive to be a party shop for all occasions. 

Currently we are an online shop however we do participate in local markets and love being a part of that wonderful community. We also have party rentals for children's sleepovers, called A Little Campout. I'm saving the details about that for an upcoming blog, so stay tuned! 

Going forward, this blog will be dedicated to sharing with you party ideas, party themes and DIY’s. Today I’m sharing with you 10 trending party themes in 2018! In no particular order, here they are:

Lets flamingo party with Little Chic Parties. Photo by: Inspired Photography by Andrea

1. “Let’s flamingo” Party - This cute party idea is popping up everywhere! We love the bright corals associated with this theme and the fun tropical partyware you can mix match with it. 

2. “Into the Wild”  - If you have a little explorer this theme is perfect for them. Bears, foxes, trees, tents and tepees. You can get creative with this theme and personalize for your little one. 

3. “Unicorn” - It’s been around for a few years and I think it’s going to stay awhile. Kids can’t get enough of this mystical creature and the beautiful colours that go along with this party theme.

4. “Mermaid/Under the sea” - It doesn’t matter if you live by the ocean or not, this theme is a big one and is super popular with little girls. 

5. “Superhero” - Another that is here to stay! I’ve attended two superhero parties this year, both were costume parties. One invited guest to dress up and the other provided guest with a cute little super hero costume as the loot bag gift!

6. “Emjoi” - Kids can’t get enough of them, and it’s a popular theme with the 7 to 12 year old’s. I think this theme is cute however I do have a strong dislike for cakes shaped like the poo emoji!!  

Sleepover tents from 'A Little Campout'

7. “Glamping” Party - You may think it falls into the category of “Into the wild” but this party theme stands out on its own! A new trend has just hit Canada and its sleepover parties! This cute set up consist of individual tents for each kid to sleep in, right in the comport of your own home. 

8. “Donut" Party - This sweet party theme is on the upward trend! Colourful donut walls and sweets tables, it’s a party you do-nut wanna miss! 😊

9. “Fiesta”  - With inspiration drawn out of Mexico this party theme has been a hit around the world this year, especially around Cinco de Mayo. Stripes, bright colours and cactus decor bring this party theme together. 

Watermelon party & photo by Little Chic Parties 

10. “Fruit” Themed – Pineapples, watermelons and lemons seem to be dominating the party scene this summer. I admit I love a party that features lemons and a cute lemonade stand! Lemonade is my favourite drink!

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. To subscribe to our email list, click this link and scroll to the bottom of the home page. Once you sign up you'll be notified of future blog post and any promotions we have. My next blog will feature the ever so famous “Let’s Flamingo” party theme! 

This journey is just beginning…so come party with me. 😊


Kristin Michelle      

P.S. Scroll down for some pictures of my son's birthdays. It's neat to look back now and see how my party styling and photography improves with each year.


Jasper's first cake. It's sure not up to my standards these days!
First birthday partywares.
His 2nd Birthday. If you are a parent you are likely familiar with the train phase. This cake was a hit!
Kids table with some Thomas partywares.
His 3rd birthday. Here you can see I started to step up my game.
Treat Table
The treat table. I handmade all the sweets and decorations, even the lollipops.
The table setting (sadly missing space-themed plates) with his solar system cake.
Jasper 4th Birthday. He's really into the world map and countries, partywares for this theme do not exist, so I improvised.
The blue tablecloth represents the ocean and the green partywares the land. For the cups I got crafty and cut out vinyl countries to stick on them.
The cake I made to suit the party theme.

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