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A Covid Halloween Spooktacular!

It's the question that's been on so many of our minds this year....."What will Halloween look like this year?" I know here in Calgary this discussion is happening between moms all the time. As with everything surrounding covid, there is so much uncertainty, and so many different opinions. One thing is for certain, October 31st will come, and kids will want to enjoy it one way or another.

If you are a party at home kind of mom, you'll want to keep reading...actually...who am I kidding, even if you're on team trick-or-treat, this is still something you won't want to miss!!  We teamed up with a bunch of Calgary 'party' moms to bring you some Halloween inspiration!

Our amazing team included:

Photos & Venue: Laura, Dunford Girls
Styling & Balloons: Sherry, Little Chic Parties
Fringe Backdrop & disco ball stir sticks: Amber, Dixie & Twine (Shop)
Paper signage/activity book/treat boxes: Holly, How Sweet - Holly Loves Paper (Shop)
Florals: Catherina, How Sweet - Catherina Loves Petals (Shop)
Table & Chairs: Oma, My Party Genie (Shop)
Sugar cookies: Michelle & Jennifer, Sugarbakers Cookie Co. (Shop)
Cake, cakesicles, macarons: Sirine, 8 Cakes (Shop
Cotton Candy & Gift box candy: Alyssa, Sugarcube YYC (Shop)
Paper Partywares: myself - Kristin, A Little Confetti (Shop)

Laura, our host, is always up for a party. She kept her three little ones busy throwing mini parties for them over this past covid winter and spring. So when I threw the idea out there to have a small Halloween party/photoshoot, Laura was in with no hesitation.

Covid Halloween Spooktacular Spooky Night, Pink Halloween, Traditional Halloween, Balloon Garland and Fringe Backdrop, Meri Meri Halloween Collection Neon Ghost

Sherry of Little Chic Parties is kids party stylish extraordinaire. She makes it all look so effortless (maybe she's not letting on to how much work is happening behind the scenes?). The balloon garland by Sherry and fringe by Amber of Dixie + Twine blend so well you'd never think they were made by two different ladies! This amazing backdrop totally sets the scene for the party...but let's start from the beginning...

Walking into the door our mini party guest were greeted with a treat box and a sign from Holly (How Sweet) welcoming them to the party. 

Holly Loves Paper Covid Pink Halloween Night Sign and pink polka dot bat treat boxes

The party tables from Oma of My Party Genie created a prefect kid sized space. Then the ladies worked their magic. Catherina (How Sweet) brought floral arrangements with pale pink mondial roses and dusty miller covered in spider webs. Here's a DIY hack for you - she spray painted dollar store Halloween glasses with pink spray paint to match our colour palate and used them for vases! 

How Sweet Catherina Loves Petals Halloween Spooktacular flower rose arrangements in pink skull vases - A Little Confetti Party Blog

The table was set using items from A Little Confetti's Halloween Collection including Meri Meri's popular iridescent ghost plates and new sparkle bat plates. Iridescent Halloween cups were topped off with paper straws and fun disco ball stir sticks made by Amber (Dixie + Twine). 

Covid Halloween Spooktacular Party A Spooky Night Table Setting, Meri Meri Iridescent Ghost Plates, Sparkle Bat Plates, Sparkle Moon Plates, Halloween Icon Plates, Sugarbakers Cookie Co cookies, Disco Ball Stir Sticks by Dixie + Twine, Sugarcube Cotton Candy Cauldrons.

Table setting A Little Confetti Blog Covid Halloween Spooktacular Meri Meri Sparkle Bat PlatesThe ladies at Sugarbakers Cookie Co. had so much fun making cookies to perfectly match the theme (and perfectly match the party wares too - check out that bat cookie!)

Sugarbakers Cookie Co Covid Halloween Spooktacular Cookies, sparkle bat cookie, ghost cookie, pumpkin cookie A Little Confetti Party Blog

On the tables each child had their own little cauldron filled with yummy cotton candy from Sugarcube, you know - cause the kids needed more sugar! 

Cotton candy cauldrons by Sugarcube YYC. Disco ball stir sticks by Dixie + Twine.

Covid Halloween Spooktacular Neon Ghost Treat Wall by Little Chic Parties

Did you all notice the neon ghost treat wall? This addition by Little Chic Parties was a fun way to display some of the cookies by Sugarbakers and colourful Cakesicles from 8 Cakes.  Sirine (8 Cakes) also made a spectacular two tiered cake decorated in bats, moons and stars perfectly matching the party theme. 

Covid Halloween Spooktacular Cake based of Meri Meri's Sparkle Bat Collection - A Little Confetti Party Blog

The party started with the kids, dressed in traditional Halloween costumes getting some photos in front of the fringe. 

Covid Halloween Spooktacular Kids Party

They then had fun drawing a monster and presenting their drawing with their best and most scary monster noise. Next up was pumpkin painting where they all had their own mini (faux) pumpkin and a wide range of colours (and glitter) to make their own special pumpkin creations. Tip from Laura  - grab a dollar store plastic tablecloth to lay out of on floor to contain the painting mess.

To burn off some energy the kids had a fun freeze dance with traditional Halloween tunes (like monster mash) before they settled into the table to enjoy all the treats they could eat. 

Treat Time! Covid Halloween Spooktacular A Little Confetti Party Blog

Cakesicles by 8 Cakes Covid Halloween Spooktacular Party

All and all the kids thought the party was pretty...well...spook-tacular and us ladies behind the party had fun watching it all come together. 


Happy Halloween! 


Spooky Halloween Activity Book By Holly Loves Paper How Sweet

Bubbly Balloon cauldron by Sherry, Little Chic Parties, Covid Halloween Spooktacular A Little Confetti Party Blog

Halloween Cotton Candy Sugarcube YYC

Cake By 8 Cakes Halloween Spooktacular

Treat Boxes filled with Sugarcube Candy

Cookies by Sugarbakers cookie co

Covid Halloween Spooktacular Party Boys in Costume A Little Confetti Party Blog

Girls in Costume A Little Confetti Halloween Spooktacular Party

Covid Halloween Party Invitation Holly Loves Paper How Sweet




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